Monday, May 5, 2008

Random babblings

Woke up damn early today. Cos need to send may to her workplace at FRIM.

Took us approx 45 minutes. Reached there at 7.30 am, her work starts at 9 am.
Oops.. too early.

So round round the place. Her dad said walk from main gate to her office takes about 10 minutes.

Walauwe it was damn far in! Around 25 minutes le! Jauh giler in..... But it was good though, walking inside a forest (almost la), if only we're not getting late for work! Haha.

But damn teruk la, after reach, i left the place and went to my car. I waited till 10 am the supervisor still not there. When i reached Klang (around 11 am), the lady still not there. Babi wan la waste time only. And may was waiting ALONE there some more. Damn teruk la this ppl. In the end, close to 12 pm only she reached...

I've been worrying of the transports and lodgings. But her supervisor say can fetch to and from the train station. So, i guess it's solved for now la :)

Today's her birthday though. Damn teruk la me.... Present belum sampai (i ordered ady wan ok!), florist closed shop. Sigh.... Apa la me...

Signing out