Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Walan with all the speculations with oil prices, tomoro everything shall be revealed, i hope.
But rest assured the PM said that Malaysians shall still enjoy subsidised fuel prices. The only thing is just how to deal with ppl of Kiasuland..

Nay, more specifically the major concern is 2:
1. Malaysians who are working in Kiasuland, traveling in and out of the country every working day. How then?

2. Ppl of Kiasuland who frequents Bolehland, apparently for the hospitality, services. man i just realised how wrong can that sound . Would it be fair to them to not be able to fill petrol while berguling-guling around in JB or even KL for that matter.
The point of contention here is that there is already a law in Kiasuland stating cars leaving the island must have at least 70% of its tank with fuel. So they're using this argument to state that it's impossible for kiasu ppls to come over to Bolehland to buy petrol at much cheaper price (Unlike those from Tomyam-land).

But of cos we gotta realise the gov is just trying to provide benefits only to the citizens and not foreign ppl. Think about it, it's your own tax money that these ppl are leeching from.

Someone in gov suggested to use 2 tier pricing system, while some other dude rejected that idea saying Malaysia would be a laughing stock (like that's something new....) if 2 tier system were to be used.

Another opinion came from the Star opinions section to impose entrance/exit fee upon entering/exiting the country. Good and bad also la. Questions i have is just, would the 'toll' be effectively channled back to cover the subsidies leeched? Wat of those Malaysian working in Singapore? Hmmm...

The answers lies in tomorrow's newspaper....

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KenChong said...

dam ah,myky...oil price going to increase in August again..hw we survive in future,it seem tat RM3800/month is not enuf for a family ady..

MyKy said...

Ya lo.. thinking of getting a bike in UTM ady. Cycle to class.