Saturday, May 10, 2008

Really die jor. My exam results are out.. And i got a freaking B!!! Goddammit... And shit i got a A- for Isu-isu semasa?? Tiu niamah wan la....

Control: Modeling and Simulation A
E2 A
Isu Semasa A-
Numerical Method B
Lab dunno yet

Tiu lo tiu lo.... Really KNN CCB jor. The highest i can get (If lab got A), is 3.86. Well, still ok la i suppose.. But if >3.9 is really a sweet thing..


B is gonna haunt me for many nights to come...

Sighing out...


buttercup said...

well Kin Wai,

I'm here to tell you something, might you aren't aware of. But rememeber, all are words from my heart and not meant to bang or anything. ok?

yeah. you got a B. So what? very sad? very disatisfied? come and study UTAR and you'll see how many ppl getting F at all times. and I'm on of them. Even if we people did not get a freaking "B", a C- is God's grace to us.

Be happy with what you have.

p/s: dun jump from KLCC because of that ok?

MyKy said...

>>B_cup: It's my bad la. Just ranting that's all. I did my best jor, wtf no fuck la now. Just a bit disappointed la my pointer get pulled down.

Hey wtf, u do harder too k. And come out lim teh la wtf.

Samuel said...

What... you get a B and still can get 3.8 and above.. =_=

p/s: please go jump from KLCC

buttercup said...


I apologize too for the words tht i used. we all just ganbade ya!

Ken Chong said...

hey myky!!!hw ur holiday?wtf,u got B in KB!!so i think i got B even B-in KB...coz i cant login aimsweb tis few day,a bit worry..dam utm web.nvm lo,let it go,then next sem will b better.and also,14 may is ur birthday har?happy birthday to u celebrate it since ur frenz so busy during ur last,wish u happy holiday and see u in 08/09 first sem!!

MyKy said...

>>Sammy: ok ok. u jump i jump

>>B_cup: No worries no offence taken. But if u back in klang and still no come out yam cha wit us i'll feel very pissed :p

>>ken: Me holiday dunno why feel more busy than semester.. haha. Ya lo just let it be la niamah wan. XD
Thanks for b day wish!