Monday, May 26, 2008

I got total of 4!!! Plus another 3 by myself and for myself.. (i'm used to it :p)

From myself to myself!
Char's Zaku (i've been searching up and down for it!), Sanguo CaoCao and KongMing.

A wallet from May!! Just wat i needed...

Yeah, focused extra light intentionally on the IC :p

A ball from Jo N! She tht day suddenly called me up and ask which Euro team i liked.. .Haha.
Can practice in room jor!!

And a Ring Folder from my aunt! Gonna use this as my case file for debates... XD

And these... from Simmei. I was really touched... Almost cried XD
The best thing is, they're posable!!!
Individual shots:

Strike Freedom


Daddy Gundam, RX-78

Union Flag aka Nyamuk
Flying Nyamuk!! Supported my SF and Rx-78 =_="'

"Aduh! Beratnya!"

Thanks thanks!!!!!!

P.s: Tomoro starting work.. Anxious la....