Monday, June 4, 2007

Reality TV? Bah....

How should I start off with this post… Hmmm…

I just don’t get it. Why are reality tv shows like American Idol, AF (among the malays duh), and other singing competitions still attract people out there? It’s ok if it’s was the first 2,3 seasons, but American Idol has come to 5th, or was it 6th? 7th? It’s no more fun la….. Furthermore, whatever happened to the winners? Only Kelly Clarkson’s songs are played in the radios. Hah. Well, I think reality contest winners, well, not all the winners deserved to win. It’s almost whoever who can get the more supporters (it’s all about the SMS’es eh) will win, ain’t it?

Well, it’s as if to take the reality tv show to a whole new level, I found this new show, which totally, absolutely brings out a whole new concept. My father was watching it one day while waiting for football. It was so interesting that he forgotten about the football altogether.

Well, this show is a Taiwan show, on Astro Channel 27 (I think), everyday 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm. However, u must understand Mandarin and Hokkien to be able to enjoy the show.

Anyhow, here’s the whole idea of the show, Fire Challenge. Any couple, or family, anyone, who has an argument/dispute/fight brings it up to this show. There’ll be a mid-person, as to moderate the, er, ‘argument’ throughout the show. There’s another 3 judges, who will listen to the argument, and make judgement at the end of the show.

Now, this episode that I watch, was a really messed up family….

The family is of an old married couple, their son, and his wife (their daughter-in-law).

My dad called me to watch when it already began, so here’s wat I got.

The old wife was already quarreling with the young wife (they really quarreled…). She accused the young wife having affair with the old husband. The young wife of cos denied it. However the old wife says that she caught them kissing and hugging.

The young wife says it’s just a sign of respect and care.

Bla bla bla, then the old husband came.

He denied it. More arguments followed suit. He says he treat her good because to him she’s like a daughter.

Aha! Now here’s the messed up part. Big time… They called in the young husband. The first thing he says upon coming onto the stage was “Whose baby is that?” (directing this question to his wife). The wife without doubt says it’s his (young husband).

Aha….. Young hubby: “I’ve checked before we got married 3 years ago. The doctors confirmed that I’m impotent.”

*Thunder crackles*

The young wife is so so very surprised….

More arguments. To a point the son gonna start a fight with daddy.

After that…

She admits that only the old hubby is concerned about her, care for her.

More arguments.

Then… She admits into having an affair with the old hubby.

More…. It’s his baby…

A few times where the old couple left the stage, the old man says leave the young ones alone and we go back to our house, but the old wife wanted a divorce. But they were brought back by the moderator.

Another time sees that the old man left with either woman pulling his right/left hands. As he walked pass the door, the young hubby pounced on him and attack him. Thankfully the moderator again come to the rescue.

So, nearing the end of the show, the moderator asked each of them how would they wan to end this argument.

Old hubby: We old ones go stay outside of the house. The young ones can just stay at the old house.

Old wife: Divorce

Young wife: Marry old hubby <===== WTF???

Young husband: I don’t give a fuck just get out of my sight.

The young man got pissed off and scolded the wife

“I wouldn’t be as mad if u went sleeping wit other men. But wit my dad of all people?”

Wah…. That’s really messed up..

In the end, the old couple walked off the stage, the young wife following behind, then stopped in the hallway and crouched crying. The distraught young hubby sits on the stage chair, looking completely blurred.

Hah! This is one messed up family man! And no, they’re not acting it out. U can tell when u sees the show.

They don’t speak that fluent. It’s genuine argument. Quarrel. Gaduh. And when u argue u just simply say whatever that comes to your mind, not scripts.

Do try to catch the show. Astro Channel 27, Weekdays 7.30 – 8.30pm, Fire Challenge. I’m not sure about the channel though. But it’s a Taiwan channel.

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amy-da-great said...

that's really one messed-up family man!