Sunday, May 20, 2007

Boring game....

Man... Watching FA finals (Man U vs Chelsea) was really a bore. Was watching at kit's house. Lern came over in his new car. So we went for a joy ride in it, it was a boring game anyway.

Halfway simmei message says "OH MY GOD". So quickly rush lern back to watch the match. See see it was still 0-0...

Anyhow, we ended up talking more on Dota than watching.

This is where it freaks me out. Damn i like remember every single thing about dota. No no i'm not talking about the prices of recipe or stuffs like that, i can remember every single thing of any hero, from the mana cost, cooldown, range, bla bla bla.

I even still remember the dota Maths. Like, having 2 Bashers doesn't mean u'll bash 30% (15% x 2), it'll end up to about 23%. Hero natural magic resistance of 25%. MKB works better on melee heroes than range, cos on melee the bonus 100 dmg is magical, while on range it's physical, thus can be reduced by armor.

Wah eye-opening. I got alot some more. Maybe i can pass the link on that. Haha. First gotta find where i keep it....

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Gonna make this a blue daaayy..!

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