Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bla bla bla...

It’s been a while since I was this mad (ok ok minus those parental ‘loves’), but really, every now and then someone from the top will say something stupid, but only themselves will see it as rightful, and the bootlickers around him/her will nod agreeingly, and will all heed that bloody politician’s opinions.

So I was checking utm.my for any updates. But what I got instead was this.

PUTRAJAYA: Pelajar tempatan di institut pengajian tinggi (IPT) dikesan tidak berani bertanya, tidak agresif serta tidak memiliki pemikiran analitikal berbanding luar negara.”

Well of course I wouldn’t write the name of that damned soul here. I’d be in for ‘yam cha’ sessions with those guys from ISA.

Ok like first off, saying such of a general statement like that is totally unfair. WTF u mean by pelajar tempatan tidak agresif? Maybe that idiot didn’t come to UTM to observe this motherfucker of 1 SEE (course code) from Klang driving my TITAS lecturer nuts. And for all I know, majority of my coursemates have a inquisitive mind.

And more of wat the idiot said,

"Di sini kita juga terima (rombongan) pelajar Universiti Harvard dan setiap seorang bertanya soalan. Mereka aktif dan kritikal," katanya kepada pemberita selepas menyampaikan amanat kepada sekumpulan pelajar IPTA yang akan menyertai lawatan sambil belajar ke United Kingdom, Perancis dan Belanda, di sini, semalam.

What this blardy idiot didn’t realize is that I , with a capital I, was in the conference with those Harvard guys (I post an entry on that). And yes, they are wonderful. But so were we, well not everyone of those who attend the conference, at least we debaters were helluva active. Heck, I was the only UTM student to present the discussion of our table.


"Kita hendak pensyarah paksa pelajar membuat pembentangan, kita hendak semua pelajar boleh bercakap... saya mahu mereka berupaya berucap di khalayak dengan baik serta menguasai bahasa Inggeris dengan baik.

"Kita tak mahu dengar pelajar universiti bercakap lintang pukang, tidak tersusun ‘broken English’ atau ‘broken Malay’," katanya.

OH….. so it’s like us students’ fault that we’re not speaking properly, not daring enough to ask questions and all la? That it is OUR fault that majority of uni students can’t speak proper English? Who brought all this in in the first place? I’m sure the lecturers who used ENGLISH slides but speaks in MALAY has no part in it, eh?

The fucking thing is, most students don’t dare to ask lecturers, note, lecturers, is that because there’re many of these fucked-up bloody bastards of a ‘lecturer’ who’ll do their best to no give u full marks because u made them looked bad, i.e. ask them questions that they can’t answer.

A LOT of the guys are afraid of this. I’m the only one who gives no fuck, and avalanche them with questions. I’d be pretty please to point out their mistakes even. What? Cut my marks if u will assholes, ‘cos if u do, I’m gonna make u lose your bloody job.

Yeah, it is a fact that a lot of uni students can’t speak proper English. It’d be wrong to totally blame them for it, I’ve got a friend who’s willing to learn. The thing about Malaysia’s education system is, it’s been wrong all along. Those good teachers our parents had back then, had nearly all have a good bite of the good old dirt sandwich.

U can bet your parents have those rotten classmates, who can’t study well.

Well, newsflash, as most might know teaching isn’t the best paid job, so not much of competition. So? The rotten ones back then mostly get the job as teachers, hence the pool of, erm, teachers (?) we have now. Ya sure there’re good ones. But like wat? 2 or 3 for every school?

Who’s to blame at the end? I’d say politicians. They claimed to know what’s best for the people, well ask yourself this folks, do they?

Why’d we need a politician anyway? To ‘darken’ (gelapkan) the taxpayer’s money?

The world will take its hat off to Badawi if he’s able to reduce this country’s corruption rate to even 60%.

Corruption is the main gear work of Malaysia’s operating system, Nanosoft DuitKopi.

This is one interesting ‘poem’ I read today from a random book in Popular bookstore.

Kalau tak malas bukan Melayu,

Kalau tak tipu bukan Cina,

Kalau tak minum bukan India.

Signing out.


shind said...

what happen to JANGAN MENGAGUNG-AGUNGKAN ORANG BARAT?? what happen to that slogan??? like they got come and witness themselves that we asked question. WE ASK WHOLE LOADS OF QUESTION BUT THE STUPID LECTURER ASK US TO GO BACK AND GOOGLE IT UP OURSELVES!
and...excusez-moi? i speak good english. and i know a bunch of my friends who speak good english as well! i'm pissed.

MyKy said...

to shind:
Haha! standard la those political ppl.... Perhaps they shud sneak into the class without the lecturer knowing. Because the lecturer will suddenly be very good if he/she knows someone important is coming. hah!