Sunday, June 17, 2007


I’m totally freaked out… Goose bumps all over my body…

I’m shivering..

I feel light headed.. I need Panadol. And ‘hong yu’ as well. Dammit.

So there I was, reading another short story of a book, by Stephen King. Well he’s renowned for his horror short stories and novels, and a number made into movies (e.g. IT, the Stand, The Thinner, etc).

Well, one thing about him is the way he describe things are very vivid, the way you can easily imagine it in that grey matter of yours.

Read quite a few of his writings (Cell was really great, except for the ending). This one hit me quite hard. ‘The Road Virus Heads North’ was a short story in his book ‘Everything’s Eventual’. It totally freaked me out. I was gasping away at every turn of the page, kept muttering WTF! WTF! WTF!!

It was about a painted picture, of a blond guy in a muscle car, Grand Am. The thing about this guy is that he has an evil grin, that says “I know something u’ll never know”, and his teeth is wickedly sharp, canabalistic.

Well, the thing is that the god damned picture change everytime the guy who bought it, Kinnell, look at it. In short, the background is the same as the place where Kinnell’ve been to. And in one of the scenes, were the remains of the lady of whom he bought the paint from. Her body was lying on its back, while the head was lying not far away on an ironing board, eyes looking skyward.

And, when Kinnell watched the TV, a news flash came on and a report was showing how a woman was decapitated, the very lady he bought the paint from….

In the end, the damn car was right in front of his house, and Kinnell could hear footsteps…

Ya sure u’d say just get rid of the damn paint eh? I know I did…

He did, first threw it down the cliff, where it broke into several pieces. When he got back home it was hung nicely in his living room. He took it and burnt it in the fireplace, to which when he finished bathing he found it hanging above his bed in the bedroom, the paint depicting the car was parked in front of HIS house, with the driver seat door open.

That’s a sum up of what the story was about. Of course it’s way way better to read it yourself. The description is simply fabulous, and his vocab is pretty simple, no bombastic nor big words.

I’m hooked on to Stephen King now. The best part? My dad’s a fan of his, and he’s got loads of his book.

DEFINITELY gonna bring back a few back to uni.

Signing out.


kit said...

then what happened?