Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ah... one of green moon days when i blog of my feelings..

Emotional Roller-coaster, i guess most of us has taken their turn on this ride, some even more than once eh?

How should i start... Let's just, start on the day it began eh..

So i was at this event (can just refer the previous post on what event...)
So i just mingled around and chat and talked randomly to random ppl as usual.

I forgot how it happened, but i was taking photos with/together with these group of girls (la la la)
Then, this girl came to ask for my number. And so i gave her. We didn't managed to talk much, cos they were leaving ady.

So that's Day 0

Day 1
And so it began, this ride. lol.

We texted back and forth. And, well, it got really flirty. I guess there're somethings i can't/shouldn't mention here. Anyway, i just play along.
She told me, she just break up 2 months ago, and it's rather bad one. The guy was two timing her. (lol... i start thinking about myself..)

She kept asking if my gf will scold/marah that i msg her and all, and i tried to evade the questions (*swoosh swoosh).

Day 2
Then came the falling part of the ride.

I can't bear to be the bloody bastard that'll hurt her. So i told her i'm attached (i guess i can't be a player.. Lol). And, well, she got mad at me.

Had a tough time, i dunno quite why. But, i felt equally bad too.

Day 3
Tried to talked, but it's just not as same. Every now and then she'll mention about my gf and i.

Anyway, maybe next Monday we'll meet up or something. Her sis will be coming along though.

Anywaaaay.... Of cos i wondered too, what if i didn't tell her the truth? Wonder how things would be like. But nay... I'd hurt her even more then.

Ah.... Am i cheating on May? I dunno... i told her about this girl though.

My sub-conscious mind tells me this:
Maybe better don't mess around with this girl. Risk is that elephant glue will be coming...

Lol... just see how it goes la..


Esther said...

ey notti ah. lol. at least you realised what you're getting into before it's too late. and you even 'fess up. def earned some brownie points for being honest

Porcupine said...

agree with miss toh~

you might wanna be careful a bit...
some superglues may never come off...
and that's where things get really sticky (pardon the pun)

MyKy said...

ya but, i dunno..
It's sort of... Intriguing though.. Haha