Friday, February 27, 2009

Lol almost went in wrong car that day.. hahaha. Pressed the button but "EH wtf?? Can't open wan!?" lucky didn't insert the key.. hahaha

Some pics on the Golden Key of UTM's 10th anniversary dinner.

My co-MC and I

From the perspective of an MC....

The orchestra group rehearsing their performance

The hall.. Kinda small crowd anyway.

After dinner pics!

I dunno/forgot who she is but... just take pic :p

Ex-president of GK UTM, Jennie Chin

The orchestra group.. Oh la la...

Won't miss the chance... haha

Got some more pics but kenot post wan :p


Anonymous said...

btw, it spells as jennie not jenny.....

MyKy said...

oh.. sorry anon.. i go edit nw