Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lately been watching movies, since my coursemate inserted some movies into my laptop in return for lending it to him (yeah include those premium movies...)

Sex Drives is kinda funny, and was a premium version (got naked girls walking around out of nowhere wan, srsly). Not much to comment i guess as it's a pretty, well, dumb comedy. Just for LOLs.

Watched the Duchess. I dunno why but i like this sort of movie. Makes me feel high class'ed XD XD
The only complaint i have is the ending really slacks.. Totally. It's like just some texts on the screen, narrating what happened to the Duchess, the Duke and all. Bah...

And yesterday i took back my laptop again, and he put in Slumdog Millionaire and Benjamin Button movie. Oh la la...

Since EV like said Benjamin Button movie very nice, but slumdog is even nicer, so i watched the Button movie first.

Man... it's really nice. Sad and touching too. At the end, i just can't help but cry (but didn't burst into tears la...). Like, the line that blew me off "He looked at me and i knew, that he knew who i am" and those eyes...

Anyway, on another note, last weekend the debate club went to UiTM Shah Alam for the National Novice Championship. Sent in to 2 teams, and god damned....

total of 70 teams...

There were 5 rounds and then octo finals. Of 70 teams:
1. our Team 1, got 3 wins, got all the way to semi finals before succumbing to UT MARA 1
2. our team 2, got 4 wins, got to quarters before losing to Monash.

Good job really, i'm really proud of them. :) :)

In the quarters...
Lavenia (or something like tht..) from UM. Smoking hawt she is..

UiTM girl.. She's young and hot lol..

My jr in the semi..

On another note, a total upset of the entire debating society of Malaysia:

Monash 1, just trained two days before the tournamoent.
They broke in 16th place, i.e. the last slot.
They face Nottingham 1, who broke first with 5 wins (that's win all)
They beat Nottingham at octo.

Proceeded all the way to finals, facing UT MARA 1 (they're like the top seed, with so much of trainings and all)


Monash 1 beats UT MARA 1 and won the National Novice Championship of 2009.

Total upset man.... Like wow!
Too bad we couldn't stay to watch the finals. But according to the guys, they were good.