Friday, March 20, 2009


changed address to

i'd prefer, but will have to pay for domain. Tak mau la.

hai-lat is so so so much easier to type than shortdfhgjfdhjfjkb



沼泽丛里的一棵幼苗 said...

Yo!! Your direct junior come support your blog d, lets hailat lo!!!

buttercup said...

hahaha.. damn funny~ MOARRRRRRRRRRRR

Esther said...

what does hai lat actually means?? it's hokkien rite?

MyKy said...

>>GG: fuiyo... Thanks!! :p

>>B-cup: Hahaha. will post MOAR soon

>>esther: it's in cantonese. Go figure -_-

Gzhang said...

Urgh. I have to type this obscenity every time I come to your blog. -_- I can't believe that you went through with this address.