Monday, March 30, 2009

The rare moments

when i applauded our Pulis Force.
Good job!

Remember few posts back? i posted a YouTube entry on a house robbery by rempits?


YouTube attack: Cops act

FAST and furious. That was the reaction of the police barely 24 hours after Malay Mail hit the streets
on Friday with the frontpage report on the brazen assault on a couple’s house in Taman Maluri, Cheras, on March 16.

The cops are looking into the possibility that the 11 Mat Rempit they arrested early Saturday morning
could have been involved in that attack.

Police swooped in on Saturday and hauled up the 11 Mat Rempit in two separate locations in Cheras.

The bikers were arrested mainly on suspicion of being involved in several cases of gang-robbery and
snatch thefts around the Cheras district.

Police zeroed in on nine of the suspects while they were hanging around outside a house in Taman
Dahlia, Cheras. The two other suspects were arrested elsewhere in Cheras.

Cheras district police chief ACP Ahmad Amer Mohd Hashim said the arrests came after a tipoff
from the public. The suspects had been under police surveillance for the past one week.

“Those detained were aged between 17 and 18. They were arrested on suspicion of being involved
in robberies and snatch thefts,” he said.

The suspects were mostly secondary school students and school leavers. Five of them also tested positive for cannabis and the drug “ice”.

“We believe that the gang became active about a month ago. They are opportunists who preyed on those walking home alone or had stopped by the roadside.”

With the arrests, police believe they have solved at least five robbery and snatch theft cases in and
around Cheras. “Police also seized several items like cheques, credit cards and handphones, believed to have been stolen.”

Asked if the suspects were also involved in the daring robbery at Taman Maluri on March 16, Ahmad Amer said police were still piecing it together. He added that investigators were analysing the 78 terrifying seconds of footage captured in horrifying detail by the couple’s CCTV camera.

The suspects are being remanded for seven days at the Cheras district police headquarters.

In the attack that day, six men, clad in black, rode in on three motorcycles and stormed the house belonging to 37-year-old clerk Candy Teoh. She had just pulled into the porch after doing her
grocery shopping when her husband’s friend, Alvin Chua, 39, pulled up outside the house in his Nissan Cefiro.

Chua had dropped by to see his friend, and Teoh’s husband, Lim Gim Leong, who was not at home at
the time. Just as Chua pulled up, the six men stopped alongside him. One of them got off the bike
and began running toward him. He was armed with a machete. Chua ran for the safety of the house but it was too late.

The armed Mat Rempit cornered the frightened occupants and relieved them of cash and valuables as his accomplices secured the perimeter. A minute later, they were gone. The clip has been posted on the video-sharing website YouTube.

Sos cili anda

Rare moments when u can actually feel proud of the Pulis. I kow-tow to them.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's quick for them. Really salute this time. Maybe the video stressed them to do sth.

MyKy said...

Well, at the very least they're responding to the video right?

That's why cops can't work by just alone, hence need the citizen's alert too