Wednesday, December 10, 2008

La la la!

omg i srsly have to change my banner and side pics jor. Exia and WZC is history ady :x

Anyway, the deal was this, my dad said if my result for this sem >3.8, i'll get a new phone.

For 6 subjects, i got 1 A- and all As. XD XD
Because 3.945 > 3.8, i'll get a new phone! *woo hoo!!!*

But i dunno wat phone should i get (omg why do i have a feeling tht EV has this dilemma too.....)

1. N95 8gb Ver:

2. N85

3. 6500 Slide

The N series got lotsa functions (like 5MP cam), but i dunno if i'm gonna need them all or not. Cost a bunch too :x

But i wan a good camera function, so i was thinking maybe i get 6500, plus a digicam XD

Ah tak tau la.... Still surveying for price. So far found
N95 8 Gb: RM15XX
N85: RM16~17xx
6500: <1k

la la la


H@n W31 said...

finally u chging ur hp.. dun nid think much la.. go for the most expensive de.. haha