Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hosted by UTM English Debate club, co-partner: Sekretariat Pencegah Rasuah (a subsidiary of BPR)

Some brief details:

1. Prizes:
Champion : RM500 + Group Trophy + Individual trophy
Runner-up : RM300 + Group Trophy + Individual trophy
Best Speaker : Individual trophy

2. Requirements:
No experience required
No participation fees
A team of 3 debaters, plus 1 optional reserve
Student of UTM, be it post or undergrad.
Topics will be given before hand upon team registration
Registration deadline : 17th Sept 2008, Wednesday

3. Date/Venue:

19th-21st September 2008
P19, FKE

4. Things worth noticing
- Our co-partner, SPR, have invited their VVIP, i.e. the Head of BPR for state of Johor to attend. The TNC of UTM will be attending the closing ceremony too. So expect it to be big :)

- The winner of this championship will get to represent the state of Johor to participate in programmes organised by BPR. Basically u'll get to go places for free (transport, lodgings, food, all paid :))

- NO senior members of the Debate Club shall be participating. This is to ensure a fair playing level for others :)

We'd appreciate any participation we can get.
The programme won't focus so much on debate, rather it's to bring in UTM students to have some casual 'arguing sessions' (:lol:)
Any questions can PM me or contact me at 016-9100556

kinwai @ MyKy44