Monday, September 29, 2008

Intra-Varsity Anti Corruption Debate Championship

The event took place from 19th to 21st of September, at P19, FKE (Fakulti Kurang Elektrik XD).
You might ask, since when UTM Debate Club took a turn of interest towards anti-corruption? Well, the reason is that our co-partner, Sekreteriat Pencegah Rasuah (a subsidiary of Badan Pencegah Rasuah), required us to include some anti-corruption related matter in the IV (for obvious reasons duh..). So hence that anti-corruption 

For the event, there were 3 preliminary rounds and 1 final round. Initially it was made to be 2 pre-lim rounds, 1 semi and 1 final. But after much consideration (like how to ensure participants will come for day 2…), we changed it to 3 pre-lim rounds (2 on day 1, 1 on day 2). Well it’d be quite boring if we make the topics all anti-corruption related throughout the IV, so we’re making only the final round to be anti-corruption related. Hey it still fulfill the requirement XD ! Nay, we’ve agreed on it with the SPR side wan la.. Where can simply do wan.

Motions were given out beforehand. They were:
1. THBT the The Tarik experimentation in space is a significant research.
2. THBT UiTM should be opened.
3. THBT artists should not come from reality TV shows.
4. THBT Smart Day does not equal smart students.

However, the motion for the final is not released, until the day itself.

Day 0 (19th Sept, Friday)

Workshops were held to provide briefings on how a debate should go, and what we/they should expect out of the debate rounds as well as the whole event.

The workshop was handled by Keith (on argumentations and rebuttals), Melissa (on roles of speakers), and myself (on overview of debate). At first we didn’t plan to have a mock debate (due to time restriction), but because the crowd wants one, so we gave them one! XD

It was just a 3 minutes speech. Not to show off our abilities, but to give a rough idea on how a debate should be.

Mel delivering her 'lecture' XD

Day 1 (20th Sept, Saturday)

A total of 8 teams were present for the event. There were initially 12 teams, but the other 4 FFK’ed (Bleh….). But still the show must goes on.
Teams were given 20 minutes to prepare for the debate. Each speaker is given 5 minutes to deliver his/her speech, and 3 minutes for reply speeches.

Round 1 sees that motion no.4, 4. THBT Smart Day does not equal smart students, was to be debated.

It can be seen though due to experience matter, some teams were facing some difficulty in debating. Nonetheless, a debate still existed, i.e. the teams were clashing on principles and ideas. Considering the fact that they’re greens, their performance is rather above expectation. At the end of round 1, it is seen that Smart Day in UTM is to be abolished, as for all 4 rooms the opposition takes the win. FYI though, SmartDay is a day (on Mondays) where students have to dress smartly, i.e. formally. That’s shirts and ties and slacks for guys and bikinis for ladies.

Nay just joking. Ladies are to wear formally too, from baju kurung to knee length skirts (though I have nothing against shorter lengths…) and shirts.

Round 2 was to debate on motion no. 2; THBT UiTM should be opened. This round sees that the teams have performed better than round 1. Perhaps because now they know how a debate feels like.
My bad I couldn’t provide any summary of the round, because I was too damn tired and I fell asleep. (Lolwut….). Anyway, leading the teams were team PMH (Persatuan Mahasiswa Hindu) and JP Morgan (team led by Yeo), with 2 wins each.

Teams taking a chill pill after a fiery debate in the room

Teh Fiery moment...

Day 2 (21st Sept, Sunday)

I had a test in the morning (yes a freaking test on a Sunday morning dammit….). Bryan and Meng Kuan was taking that subject as well, so all 3 of us have to bail on the first part of Day 2.

Nonetheless, I let Kylie to handle the event. Things went well anyway so it’s all good 

Round 3 motion was THBT artists should not come from reality TV shows. Because I was MIA, so don’t blame me for missing summary :p

Anyway, team PMH was leading with 3 wins (W00t they won all 3 rounds), and there were 4 teams with 2 wins each. So to determine who goes through, the captains of each team have to play hide and seek; the last one standing goes through.

Please don’t tell me you fall for that… XD
To determine who goes through, the total speaker score was referred. So the verdict was: JP Morgan will face PMH in the final round.
Final round
Motion: THBT both corruption crime committers and their families should be punished.
Gov: PMH Opp: JP Morgan
The motion was my idea. Thankfully it got accepted and agreed on by most. Even Mr Farid approves (thumbs up for me!). Teams were given 30 minutes to prepare.
The VIPs reached earlier than expected, so I had to move everything to earlier timing. Initially the SPR dude requested the finals to be had at 12:35 pm, so I just agree.
Last minute thing (during the reply speeches of round 3), he told me finals to be held at 12 pm.
After some negotiation and compromise, it was pushed back to 12:15pm. Bleh…
VIPs arrived, the big shots of BPR of Johor came (lolwut…), TNC HEP came too (lolwut…), HEP staffs came along as well (lolwut……..). So yes dayem it was big.. To stall for more time, there was to be a welcoming speech. Everybody looks at me. I went “I can’t. I gotta deliver a speech after the final round!”

So I passed the honour to the ex-president, Keith-o XD
Oh well, it went just well no problem 
Anyway, teams were ready for final round. And the debate began.
I must say though, despite them being green and novice, a very good debate took place. It can be clearly seen why they were in the finals. All the speakers spoke with such charisma and confidence, that managed to impress me too XP
Round over, then it was my turn to perform. I must say, despite having debated for a bajillion years now, it is still quite nerve wrecking to speak in front of so many big shots (Dayem the TNC is here too!!)

Anyway, I did my thing. Said whatever I wanna say (I didn’t even prepare a script or shit). Most importantly, I took the golden time I had, to extend my gratitude to those mattered. Firstly was the SPR dudes out of protocol.
Next was Mr Farid, the assistant registrar of HEP. He has given the debate club tremendous support and guidance, so much so the other societies would’ve hire assassin to bust my ass if they know how much of help I was given XD (IEM and AIESEC would be the first ones, because Mel and Fadli knows ady, and how they each time yell “UNFAIR UNFAIR!!!!” at me. HAHAHA)

Next was Keith, the former prez of UTM Debate Club. This dude had turned 1800 since he stepped down from presidency. From serious face to become the biggest joker (while I took over his role, AND seriousness too). Nonetheless, he has provided lots of moral support to me.
Not to forget the UTM Debate Club members as well. But most of them were outside discussing on the final round (they were adjudicators for finals), so I guess they missed my thanks 

Last but not least, a big thanks to those who participated. They’ve shown great performance in the event. Hopefully they’ll come again for the next Intra-V (if there’s a next one la….)
Anyhow, on a 5-2 split decision (chaired by Zulfadli), the house believes that the motion stands.

It means the government won XD
All the participants were given certificates for their participation. There were prizes for the winners and the runner-ups.

For champion; the team receive RM500 + Group Trophy + Individual trophy,
for runner up; the team receives RM300 + Group Trophy + Individual trophy.

Pictah tiem!!
Certs are presented to participants by TNC and BPR-Johor Director


Alright I think I’ve written quite a report here (as per Ken’s request). Thanks for reading
Signing out