Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Last night, I did something I regretted pretty much….

I scolded my sister. The reason is that she’s been neglecting her homework, to the point she have sleep at 3 am almost everyday.

This results in her being very sleepy, and often sleeps.

Extra info aside, I scolded her really hard. But what I really regret is that I slapped her face, quite hard. Twice.

That night, I found out how my parents felt when they hit me. Despite the pain and hurt when they hit me, I knew it’s my fault and I deserved it.

But what I didn’t know is how this hurt them even more.

Her face swelled. Gosh…. As the saying goes I guess, “It’s going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you.”

It’s the first time since I lost my temper so so long ago. I thought I had it under control. But till yesterday, it broke loose.

Please don’t ask wat my sis did to deserve it. But I shouldn’t have slapped her.

Sighing out

Monday, June 25, 2007

Times like this made me feel, why do we need politicians? Or even maybe how the people chose their representative?

When a problem arises they tend to give silly and stupid reasons and answers.

Well, maybe it’s all good, even a moron can be the president of US, so what’s the big deal eh?

I was watching news the other day, just a bit of it only though. The main news were regarding the RM 2 billion tunnel, which was built somewhere in KL. It came out in the newspaper today, a whole 2-page interview with the minister who’s in charge of it.

Reading through some, he said the tunnel can’t solve the flood water 100%, but only to about 44%. Well, the reason he gave was this, the people tends to look at the big number (RM 2 billion) and feel it should be able to solve the flashflood issue completely. But this is not the only solution (not word by word though).

His arguments was around the fact that the place (somewhere along Sg. Besi) is unsuitable to build a river/big drain on, which was planned initially. So, a tunnel turns out to be the next best thing.

But the tunnel will be used at best 3 times yearly, so Pak Lah suggested if it’s able to add value to it. So, the tunnel is also an underground highway.

Well, it sounds like a good idea. Not the perfect solution, at least it works both ways eh? Tolls will be operating the highway to pay for the cost (tolls are meant to be that way rite?)

But…. It’s a tunnel meant to channel the flood water into other place/reservoir right? So water will be flowing, right? Yes, there’s a river underneath the highway for the water to flow, and when excessive water is flowing it’ll fill up the whole tunnel. In that case, how to evacuate the people inside? He said it’ll only takes 10 minutes, for evacuation, in the mean time the excessive water is to be channeled into a reservoir, which takes 30 minutes to fill up.

It is technically feasible, theoretically desirable, yet presently facing few problems.

Firstly, what if there’s panic among the people in the tunnel? Chaos inside there will be hard to be controlled. It’ll take more than just 10 minutes under these circumstances. Why panic? If flood is happening, the tunnel is going to be filled up. People inside is gonna get drown!! Somehow I feel the evacuation is not going to be easy.

The second thing which got me pissed is that in the news, they were showing a video clip sent by a UM student, showing cracks in the tunnel, and water are visibly dripping. His reply wasn’t the best possible one, even my grandma can do better than that.

He said if a crack were to be like that, the water surely isn’t going to drip like that. He’s more like implying that the video is a hoax.

I was like wow! First was the absurd cost of the damn thing. Then the effectiveness of it (less than 50%). Now he’s denying the video. One can only imagine the consequences if the crack really gave way. Something like the one in the Immigration Centre, only this time it isn’t gonna be just a few drops.

Lives will be lost. Not only those in the tunnel, the ones on top of it, i.e. ground level are going to be affected as well. I don’t know wat ter to use, perhaps cave in will be the one.

He should at least say that a maintenance crew will be sent to check out the crack, not denying it!

2 billion! That’s a good sign isn’t it? Malaysia’s economic growth must be really good to be able to spend that much of money.

Possibilities ISA will pay me a visit? Haha…

Feedbacks definitely welcomed.

Signing out…

Sunday, June 24, 2007

There it is. She’s gone away. This is the 4th time and still she left earlier than me. 4 times but I still can’t fight the tremendous feeling of sadness within me, to see her go off, again.

I’ve stifled a cry 3 or 4 times. She kept telling me not to cry. May’s family had gone to Muar for her cousin’s wedding. They left at 4pm. She sat there crying because she’s gonna miss her family, again.

I feel sad and spiritless. But tomoro I’ll have my debate training. Gotta keep the spirit up eh?

Without may around, I’ve got the whole of next week to myself. I just wonder wat am I gonna do. Man…..

Hopefully by tomoro I’ll feel ok.

I guess the water will start to flow soon eh.

Signing out.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

How time flies…

It’s like the moment we’ve (for the uni students at least) all been waiting for.. It was finally the long holiday!!

And now it’s coming to an end. T_T

May will be going back 2moro. Mostly those who’s involve wit the uni newbies orientation will be going back to their respective uni’s ady.

And I know Simmei has gone back to her uni ady.

So many camps to attend just for this ‘special’ occasion…..

Gosh it’ll be 2 or maybe even 4 ½ month till we meet again. IF may’s not coming back for the mid-sem break, then neither will I.

Sigh…. This is like, the 4th time we’ll be doing this, but still I’m gonna miss her so much… And all of my friends as well (added as an afterthought. HAH!).

May and I were lying down on the floor that one day. We were talking of how we both started, when still in Upper 6. It’s a wonder how we both can be together.

How we still can be together after so many ups and downs.

One thing for sure, is that we both are glad that we’re still together, still doing good, and still ever so loving (Awwww…..).

We’ve been almost spending everyday this holiday together, yet it still feels like not enough.

I guess it’s a good thing we’re studying in different uni’s, so far away. As the wise ones said, “You wouldn’t know what u had until u lost it.”

While distance has been an issue for most couple, I feel it actually pulled us closer. The distance made us appreciate every single moment we can spend together, every phone calls we get, and even down to night wishes and, well, ‘kisses’ eh.

Haha, distance definitely wasn’t a factor either for Eevon and Wei Kiat. Such sweet efforts…. I can only but imagine the ‘unfading’ smile in Wei Kiat’s face.

Time to end this, thank u all for reading this.

Signing out.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It’s been a while since I was this mad (ok ok minus those parental ‘loves’), but really, every now and then someone from the top will say something stupid, but only themselves will see it as rightful, and the bootlickers around him/her will nod agreeingly, and will all heed that bloody politician’s opinions.

So I was checking for any updates. But what I got instead was this.

PUTRAJAYA: Pelajar tempatan di institut pengajian tinggi (IPT) dikesan tidak berani bertanya, tidak agresif serta tidak memiliki pemikiran analitikal berbanding luar negara.”

Well of course I wouldn’t write the name of that damned soul here. I’d be in for ‘yam cha’ sessions with those guys from ISA.

Ok like first off, saying such of a general statement like that is totally unfair. WTF u mean by pelajar tempatan tidak agresif? Maybe that idiot didn’t come to UTM to observe this motherfucker of 1 SEE (course code) from Klang driving my TITAS lecturer nuts. And for all I know, majority of my coursemates have a inquisitive mind.

And more of wat the idiot said,

"Di sini kita juga terima (rombongan) pelajar Universiti Harvard dan setiap seorang bertanya soalan. Mereka aktif dan kritikal," katanya kepada pemberita selepas menyampaikan amanat kepada sekumpulan pelajar IPTA yang akan menyertai lawatan sambil belajar ke United Kingdom, Perancis dan Belanda, di sini, semalam.

What this blardy idiot didn’t realize is that I , with a capital I, was in the conference with those Harvard guys (I post an entry on that). And yes, they are wonderful. But so were we, well not everyone of those who attend the conference, at least we debaters were helluva active. Heck, I was the only UTM student to present the discussion of our table.


"Kita hendak pensyarah paksa pelajar membuat pembentangan, kita hendak semua pelajar boleh bercakap... saya mahu mereka berupaya berucap di khalayak dengan baik serta menguasai bahasa Inggeris dengan baik.

"Kita tak mahu dengar pelajar universiti bercakap lintang pukang, tidak tersusun ‘broken English’ atau ‘broken Malay’," katanya.

OH….. so it’s like us students’ fault that we’re not speaking properly, not daring enough to ask questions and all la? That it is OUR fault that majority of uni students can’t speak proper English? Who brought all this in in the first place? I’m sure the lecturers who used ENGLISH slides but speaks in MALAY has no part in it, eh?

The fucking thing is, most students don’t dare to ask lecturers, note, lecturers, is that because there’re many of these fucked-up bloody bastards of a ‘lecturer’ who’ll do their best to no give u full marks because u made them looked bad, i.e. ask them questions that they can’t answer.

A LOT of the guys are afraid of this. I’m the only one who gives no fuck, and avalanche them with questions. I’d be pretty please to point out their mistakes even. What? Cut my marks if u will assholes, ‘cos if u do, I’m gonna make u lose your bloody job.

Yeah, it is a fact that a lot of uni students can’t speak proper English. It’d be wrong to totally blame them for it, I’ve got a friend who’s willing to learn. The thing about Malaysia’s education system is, it’s been wrong all along. Those good teachers our parents had back then, had nearly all have a good bite of the good old dirt sandwich.

U can bet your parents have those rotten classmates, who can’t study well.

Well, newsflash, as most might know teaching isn’t the best paid job, so not much of competition. So? The rotten ones back then mostly get the job as teachers, hence the pool of, erm, teachers (?) we have now. Ya sure there’re good ones. But like wat? 2 or 3 for every school?

Who’s to blame at the end? I’d say politicians. They claimed to know what’s best for the people, well ask yourself this folks, do they?

Why’d we need a politician anyway? To ‘darken’ (gelapkan) the taxpayer’s money?

The world will take its hat off to Badawi if he’s able to reduce this country’s corruption rate to even 60%.

Corruption is the main gear work of Malaysia’s operating system, Nanosoft DuitKopi.

This is one interesting ‘poem’ I read today from a random book in Popular bookstore.

Kalau tak malas bukan Melayu,

Kalau tak tipu bukan Cina,

Kalau tak minum bukan India.

Signing out.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I’m totally freaked out… Goose bumps all over my body…

I’m shivering..

I feel light headed.. I need Panadol. And ‘hong yu’ as well. Dammit.

So there I was, reading another short story of a book, by Stephen King. Well he’s renowned for his horror short stories and novels, and a number made into movies (e.g. IT, the Stand, The Thinner, etc).

Well, one thing about him is the way he describe things are very vivid, the way you can easily imagine it in that grey matter of yours.

Read quite a few of his writings (Cell was really great, except for the ending). This one hit me quite hard. ‘The Road Virus Heads North’ was a short story in his book ‘Everything’s Eventual’. It totally freaked me out. I was gasping away at every turn of the page, kept muttering WTF! WTF! WTF!!

It was about a painted picture, of a blond guy in a muscle car, Grand Am. The thing about this guy is that he has an evil grin, that says “I know something u’ll never know”, and his teeth is wickedly sharp, canabalistic.

Well, the thing is that the god damned picture change everytime the guy who bought it, Kinnell, look at it. In short, the background is the same as the place where Kinnell’ve been to. And in one of the scenes, were the remains of the lady of whom he bought the paint from. Her body was lying on its back, while the head was lying not far away on an ironing board, eyes looking skyward.

And, when Kinnell watched the TV, a news flash came on and a report was showing how a woman was decapitated, the very lady he bought the paint from….

In the end, the damn car was right in front of his house, and Kinnell could hear footsteps…

Ya sure u’d say just get rid of the damn paint eh? I know I did…

He did, first threw it down the cliff, where it broke into several pieces. When he got back home it was hung nicely in his living room. He took it and burnt it in the fireplace, to which when he finished bathing he found it hanging above his bed in the bedroom, the paint depicting the car was parked in front of HIS house, with the driver seat door open.

That’s a sum up of what the story was about. Of course it’s way way better to read it yourself. The description is simply fabulous, and his vocab is pretty simple, no bombastic nor big words.

I’m hooked on to Stephen King now. The best part? My dad’s a fan of his, and he’s got loads of his book.

DEFINITELY gonna bring back a few back to uni.

Signing out.

Monday, June 4, 2007

So there i was, clicking the link AIMSweb.

For there's only 1 objective here.

1, but of the highest priority.

The usual white screen came to display.

*heart beats at 2Hz* I'm an engineer, tht's the only unit i could think of... haha

Enter Matric Number and IC the screen asked me to.


Blue screen came up, with red wordings (WTF).

Move mouse to Peperiksaan tab

*heart beats at 20Hz*

Click Keputusan Peperiksaan button

*200 Hz now...*

Page refreshes..

*Mutha fucka let's get over wit this!! DAMMIT!!!*

I swear i could almost vomit right there right then out of sheer anxiousness..

But it's not done yet.. Gotta select the session.

Click and selects 2006/2007 2..


Each subject and the grades load ONE by ONE...

Teori Litar A
Instrumentasi A-
Elektronik Digit A
Persamaan Pembezaan A+
Titas A
Futsal A+


I got 5 a's and 1 a-!!!! GPA is 3.93, CGPA is 3.89!! Oh yes!!


How should I start off with this post… Hmmm…

I just don’t get it. Why are reality tv shows like American Idol, AF (among the malays duh), and other singing competitions still attract people out there? It’s ok if it’s was the first 2,3 seasons, but American Idol has come to 5th, or was it 6th? 7th? It’s no more fun la….. Furthermore, whatever happened to the winners? Only Kelly Clarkson’s songs are played in the radios. Hah. Well, I think reality contest winners, well, not all the winners deserved to win. It’s almost whoever who can get the more supporters (it’s all about the SMS’es eh) will win, ain’t it?

Well, it’s as if to take the reality tv show to a whole new level, I found this new show, which totally, absolutely brings out a whole new concept. My father was watching it one day while waiting for football. It was so interesting that he forgotten about the football altogether.

Well, this show is a Taiwan show, on Astro Channel 27 (I think), everyday 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm. However, u must understand Mandarin and Hokkien to be able to enjoy the show.

Anyhow, here’s the whole idea of the show, Fire Challenge. Any couple, or family, anyone, who has an argument/dispute/fight brings it up to this show. There’ll be a mid-person, as to moderate the, er, ‘argument’ throughout the show. There’s another 3 judges, who will listen to the argument, and make judgement at the end of the show.

Now, this episode that I watch, was a really messed up family….

The family is of an old married couple, their son, and his wife (their daughter-in-law).

My dad called me to watch when it already began, so here’s wat I got.

The old wife was already quarreling with the young wife (they really quarreled…). She accused the young wife having affair with the old husband. The young wife of cos denied it. However the old wife says that she caught them kissing and hugging.

The young wife says it’s just a sign of respect and care.

Bla bla bla, then the old husband came.

He denied it. More arguments followed suit. He says he treat her good because to him she’s like a daughter.

Aha! Now here’s the messed up part. Big time… They called in the young husband. The first thing he says upon coming onto the stage was “Whose baby is that?” (directing this question to his wife). The wife without doubt says it’s his (young husband).

Aha….. Young hubby: “I’ve checked before we got married 3 years ago. The doctors confirmed that I’m impotent.”

*Thunder crackles*

The young wife is so so very surprised….

More arguments. To a point the son gonna start a fight with daddy.

After that…

She admits that only the old hubby is concerned about her, care for her.

More arguments.

Then… She admits into having an affair with the old hubby.

More…. It’s his baby…

A few times where the old couple left the stage, the old man says leave the young ones alone and we go back to our house, but the old wife wanted a divorce. But they were brought back by the moderator.

Another time sees that the old man left with either woman pulling his right/left hands. As he walked pass the door, the young hubby pounced on him and attack him. Thankfully the moderator again come to the rescue.

So, nearing the end of the show, the moderator asked each of them how would they wan to end this argument.

Old hubby: We old ones go stay outside of the house. The young ones can just stay at the old house.

Old wife: Divorce

Young wife: Marry old hubby <===== WTF???

Young husband: I don’t give a fuck just get out of my sight.

The young man got pissed off and scolded the wife

“I wouldn’t be as mad if u went sleeping wit other men. But wit my dad of all people?”

Wah…. That’s really messed up..

In the end, the old couple walked off the stage, the young wife following behind, then stopped in the hallway and crouched crying. The distraught young hubby sits on the stage chair, looking completely blurred.

Hah! This is one messed up family man! And no, they’re not acting it out. U can tell when u sees the show.

They don’t speak that fluent. It’s genuine argument. Quarrel. Gaduh. And when u argue u just simply say whatever that comes to your mind, not scripts.

Do try to catch the show. Astro Channel 27, Weekdays 7.30 – 8.30pm, Fire Challenge. I’m not sure about the channel though. But it’s a Taiwan channel.

Signing out