Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Coming home, was never a happy thing for me.

But I thought, well, at least I’ll get to see her.

But then again, shit always occurs don’t they?

What would you do when u’re caught in between?

Both are the ones u loved.

One side is whom u’ve grown to known since birth,

One is the love of your life.

Yet, both sides at times have disagreement.

It really pains me every time this occurs.

Guess it’ll be going in the path many of my relatives have warned me,

When your parents disagree, but u can’t let go.

It’s really difficult for me.

Maybe we both came from family of different background.

Our values are different. What is expected of my parents is different from hers.

Maybe this is it, the threshold of it.

It’s coming near to 2 years now.

Maybe 2 years is all.

She’s angry, I’m angry as well.

She’s sick and tired of pleasing them,

To me, isn’t it better to have them approve of her instead of the other way round?

“Every great thing has to come to an end.”

Maybe indeed…..

I just don’t know how I’ll live my life if that happens.

Sighing out.


keith said...

yo dude...everything happens for a reason... you'll have to just find your way around... you can do it ... well it has been two years has it? was not it all worth it all this while? i don't know what happened ( no input ) but i beleive that you are a tough guy ...take this as one of those very tough challenge okay? anything i'll be here to listen yo ya. remember that you are not alone... you still have friends here to support you okay?

ShinD said...

well kinwai, things doesnt just need to end just like that? come on..2 years...of course relationship has its ups n downs..
n i'm sure you're parents will be able to accept may one day. it will b there but just hold on..kay?

MyKy said...

To-shind and keith
I'll work things out. We'll work things out together, and see how it goes.
Thanks for the support.
Really appreciate it

lee said...

....and balik already never call people hahahah