Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm 21 already?

It's my birthday. Woo hoo. Yay. Hurray.

Years ago i wouldn't even celebrate this day. Yeah my mum will buy me a cake. But deep inside i never felt like celebrating it. I didn't even feel happy about it, so what's with Happy Birthday?

But now, wit may around, she made me feel worthwhile. Thank u so much darling....

I used to think, if i wasn't born, my family wouldn't be so messed up. They would each go separate ways, maybe living a much happier life.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. He spent the whole day preparing dinner. She just took a few bites here and there and left in disgust.
I felt angry and sad. It's such rare occasion for us to eat at home. I always feel happy to eat at home. But alas, it is spoiled ever so easily.

It ain't gonna be long now. I'm very sure of it. I've given up hope long since. I wouldn't feel sad nor surprise if they came to that decision. Heck, i think i'll feel much better.

If there's anything i've learnt, it's that i'm never, ever, gonna be like them. Never.

Signing out.


ShinD said...

u knw kinwai...i have the same problem goin at home..but u knw? always try to keep a little faith in u. for ur younger siblings of course. being the eldest aint that easy but eventually, someday, things will turn out rite. and Happy birthday to you!

MyKy said...


It gets hard at times. But it'll get numb i think.