Monday, May 7, 2007

NO it's not to say a baby hatched in a Japanese hospital.

I read this article in Sunday Star, a Japanese hospital had just installed a 'hatch', where parents (or guys who forgot to wear condoms) can drop off their unwanted, unplanned, un-called-for baby.

The baby will then be taken into care by the hospital.

But what caught my interest here is that, how they in the first place legalise such a system?
Somehow or rather, this almost equals saying out on a loudspeaker; "Ok folks, u can have unprotected sex, and when the baby is born, just dump it in HERE."

But then again, how many newborn babies were killed each year due to unprotected sex? Perhaps this could solve if not reduce the magnitude of the problem.

Even in Malaysia itself, news regarding newborn babies found in a rubbish bin is nothing new. Babies flushed down the toilet, thrown in the drain, left by the roadside!

So instead of leaving them to die and rot unattended, this 'hatch' provides an alternative as to give a new live to the babies. Anyhow if they were to stay with their blood parents, i wonder how they'll treat the baby, given they can even leave them out in the cold to die.

However, i think the major problem we're facing is the lack of sex education. But then, most ppl tends to think of it as a taboo. Elderly people feels talking to the younger generation about sex will cause them to probe more into it, in the end experiencing it!

IMHO, it works both ways. 1st thing is that wait for that young guy/gal to reach a mature state. Well this mature state itself is debatable, how do u define if a person is matured? Nvm... Leave that out for now.

The benefits of practising safe sex (controls the spread of STD, prevents UNWANTED BABIES) definitely outweighs the principle of not talking anything about SEX.

Well, if not talking about it IS going to help, why so many rape cases then? Why are there still babies dying in the streets?

Because not talking about it is NOT helping.

It's about time for the people to realise this.

I think gov can play the first step by starting a subject "Sex Education" in secondary schools. Maybe parents will get pissed. But how pissed can they get if their 14-year-old-daughter is pregnant?

Furthermore, it's funny how certain group of people keeps stressing sex as taboo and stuffs like that, but at the end of the day, those rape cases and incests involve their very own people.
It gets even worse in Uni (public uni's that is...). Being together with a girl at night is an offense. Holding hands is an offense. Everything regarding opposite genders being together is an offense. I know (not because i was caught doing it!), because my friend kept complaining to me how the guard kept warning him of his offenses.

Heck, it gets worse in Matriculation Coll Uni's. The same guy, told me some very interesting stories.

How they can only go out of campus on Saturday and Sunday. Makan have to be inside the campus. How many couples actually went out of campus to have 'fun'. Bah!

Makes me feel lucky to enter Form 6... haha! Matrix no-lifers...

At the end of my blog, i found out i've written alot of random stuffs again. Sorry to mess with your mind a bit. But Malaysians really should change their mentality. At least those in my Uni.

Signing out.