Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Lotsa Sinanjus in Graffiti, Berjaya Time Square ^^

Yeah it's completed!!! (Main body only.. And got alot of details haven't paint...)
Damn... this guy is big. I mean, REALLY BIG (not as big as Sazabi though i guess)

What u wan, punk?

Daddy+Wing "Waaaaah......"

Lol.. Making fun of Daddy :p

Eh, don't think because u're big, i'm scared of u

Some damn nice poses with Sinanju...

The family so far.. There's another Dom behind the Dom btw.

Profile Pics ^^

Ok.. Will post more when got update


Ngee Khiong said...

So many boxes of Gunplas. O_O Display just like that at the store?

So fast finish with Sinanju? My congrats to you. Now very happy liao-lah~ XD