Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lol lol lol

Lol pic.. hahahaha

So many current news that make just wanna Lol for their stupidity.. really.

1. gambar di atas

2. Elizabeth Wong mau resign, cos her 'nude' pics were distributed in email.
Like damn lol la.. That's exactly WHAT BN WANTS YOU TO DO!!
So high...

3. Boikot boikot.
Don't they realise a number of the so called 'Israeli-linked' companies are just franchises in Malaysia, that in fact by boycotting their products, we're in fact causing more retrenchment of our own ppl? XD so high ppl...

In fact i don't quite understand. The war between Israel and Palestine has been going on for like a bajillion of years. Why now the extra attention? This could only mean 1 thing
>> there're more religionist ppl in the country, with the media taking part as well :x

so i watched the Parliament just now (the REAL one.) So one of the MPs were applauding the boikot thing. Another MP POI'ed him, what about those who got retrenched (as per my reason above)?
"Kita akan berikan kursus keusahawanan kepada mereka, untuk mulakan perniagaan"
Like wtf? Hahaha. Kursus saja tak gunalah unker. DUIT!!

Geez i thought i wouldn't be writing my opinions anymore. But wtf. Hah! So high Malaysians...


Anonymous said...

ya! once you rich, its time for you to die...