Sunday, February 1, 2009

It still tears my heart apart to send May back every holiday. :( :(
I'm gonna miss her alot alot

In about 2 hours i'm going back to my hostel as well. Another 3 months of
i) being together with much faggotrees :x
ii) no more girl companies :x
iii) more DotA sessions... (rly i don't wanna play anymore la....)

At least i can look forward to few things though...
i) MG Sinanju will be arriving soon!!! XD
ii) Time to diet and work out :p

And gotta work on the /k/ t shirt project...

Happy CNY. It's a cow year, but don't be cow peh cow buu.

p.s: sorry la no pics... going back ady la.. upload next time lol