Saturday, January 31, 2009

pictah spam time!!

been so long since i blogged, cos i kinda malas ady. Like, how many ppl out there who're actually reading my blog anymore lol.

Nay, with so many ppl out there blogging, i don't feel like typing out my opinion in the virtual space matters anymore.

So..... I'ma turn mah blog into a picture spam blog lol... Cos ppl prefer pics way over walls of text. As the mantra; "PICS OR GTFO"

So here goes ^^

ppl just love making fun with joker in the internet XD

Some gunpura posts lol...

"Where's mah 5 bucks u owed me?"
"I ain't took none of your money, GTFO"

"O'rly? Then DIE!!"

Spot the hidden Gunpura ^ ^

Pics taken via N85. Quite clear eh? XD

Till next pictah spam, tata