Friday, February 29, 2008

Will be going to KLIUC tomoro morning.. I'm anxious, and i dunno why. Not like it's my first tourney or anything..

Maybe it's due to the fact that i'm in charge of things this time, of all the arrangements and stuffs..

Hopefully, things gonna be juuuusst fine.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's the time of the every 4 years or so again, when patriotic songs are played in the background of radio ad's, stories of how the gov had done so much for the people, of how it is vital to maintain the current harmony in the county which we're currently enjoying..

As usual, i always love poster wars. And election banners are of no exceptions to me =p
Well, there're some eye-catching ones, albeit 'weird', e.g. "XXS for all"
I was driving and there's no other alternative but for me to go O_o "biar betul!"

Until i saw this one, which i felt particularly offended (seriously). It says, "Untuk kesejahteraan anda, undilah XX" First thing that came to mind; if i don't vote, meaning i don't get kesejahateraan? Seems like if u're not voting for them, they'll be coming to your house and wreck havoc.

I for one, would really like to exercise my duty as a citizen of Bolehland to determine my beloved country's government. But i'd leave it till it i grad first, no point registering here and have to come all the way back to Skudai to vote ><
But honestly, i feel the so-called democracy system in Bolehland is somewhat distorted. Look at it, the ruling party has been in control of the gov for as long as Malaysia had been indepedent. Seems like the Opposition has little to almost negligible voice/impact. As the Thai puts it, our Boleh Election is somewhat dull. At least Thailand gov had been taken before by the opposition party.

One particularly interesting point by XXR. that should they be the gov, petrol price won't be hiked.

That's one interesting pro isn't it? But i do wonder if it's feasible for them to do so.. But then again, the figure from the party stated something, in which the current gov is unable to answer. Naturally, i wouldn't/couldn't quote tht dude, for the sake of my 'Kesejahteraan', because in the fear of if i misquote him, or as 'some people' put it, bloggers are just a nuisance. I wouldn't be doing anything to contribute to that statement....

I went thru a whole class of propaganda in the morning, of how US is essentially a reincarnation of the Devil himself, and how Israel, being US allies, are evil in the sense of unjust towards Iraq and Palestine. Pictures were shown, of how kids were shot, bodies scattered. Weird thing is, how we know who actually shoots them? She (lecturer) asserted that the US and Israel army did those evil acts.

Of cos, there's a burning desire deep inside to fire at her. Too bad, my grades are at stake, so i just let her be.

Voting out

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ever tried dialing 999? I just did. There's a forest fire just beside my uni. Seeing no bomba there what so ever, and the fire is spreading, so i thought wat the heck i just dial 999.

Reported to the bomba department. Hope they'll be arriving soon.


It's such.... joy... when i assembled all my 5 gundams on my table. Aahh... Damn gaya!!
Too bad i got no camera phone (unlike some friend of mine who lately go *cough k810 cough*)

But then, the joy wouldn't last. Sigh... The old Wing 0 is just too, haggard. So i've decided to dismantle it, and will AB the whole set with a different colour scheme. I'm planning to AB the wings silver. Glossy silver. It's gonna be rocking!!

Will post up some pictures whenver it's possible..

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I've gotta say thanks to u guys for your comments on the last post, yeap especially one so unexpectedly came from my aunt. When tht happens, u really gotta do it man (Yeap thanks for the fuel injection. Lol).

By hook or by crook, we're going to KLIUC next weekend for friendly tournament. Maybe have to rush and maybe won't get bus, but wth, worse come to worse we'll drive there. No problemo.

At least right now i've seen some commitment from the guys. Woohoo! Definitely a plus!

And one last note, i finally finished air brushing my Exia!! Woo hoo! It's really different, between non-AB and after AB, although i retain the color scheme for it.

Next mission: Revamp the whole colour system for my first MG, Gundam Wing. I've got a good mind to AB the wings silver this time....

Signing out

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I dunno how much i can hold up any longer. Sooner or later, it's gonna take its toll on me.

Debate had been such fun to me in the previous year. But now it's like a burden to me. Really, i think i'm lacking to inspiration to continue any longer. I just have no support. In just 2 months time, there've been countless time when i just wanna yell 'Screw it la!'

But of cos i can't.

The 2 prez before has done alot of work to bring up the club. I can't just let it die, again.

Man i hate this....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Haha. I wouldn't have even have the slightest idea about it if i didn't read about @ snozzberry's. I've got the link to the pic's, with no stars/blurry parts or anything at all. How i get the link is still something which amazes me, my dad suddenly called me and gave me. HAHA!! And i was told my mum spent like 3 hours looking thru all those pics O_o

I really pity those celeb's who's inside those pics. That's part of the risk of being a superstar i guess; one will have to watch his/her actions (yeah those were hawt...) so that it wouldn't ruin their reputations.

If they're all just ordinary people, of cos the pictures are gonna be uploaded, but minus all these hoo-haa's and tabloids. It's sad really, now that their reputation's gonna be ruined. Seems that Gillian was the one who stepped up to apologise.

Tht's weird rite, why should she apologise? It's her private life, specifically her sex life! Wtf it has to do with others? In fact Edi should apologise for letting his dick do the thinkings.

Moral of the story?
1. Don't ever take pic/video while u're doing the horizontal hokey-pokey
2. Even if u do, don't store it in your laptop/pc
3. If ever u still do no.1 and 2, remove those files before sending for reformat.

Come to think of it, it's too hyped up isn't it? I mean what's so special about it at all? 14th Feb? Just another day on the calendar. But this helluva genius decided "Hey! I'll make a day which will drive the girls crazy and the guys crazier!!"

So let's see, the boys are required to treat their girls with extra care, extra good, extra stuffs. And i wonder who's grand idea is it, that it seems to be requirement to provide roses, chocolates (O_o) and soft toys m(_ _)m and such.

It's like, dah lah we have to outdo our usual selves to please them women, and within such limited scopes!

And it's weird too. Think about it, if we guys are suppose to treat girls special on this special day, then other days not so special ady?

"But this special day more special ma!"

Er.... A more special day among the special ones deem the other not so special anymore rite?

Plus, it only serves to make the others who are single *ahem my roommate *cough* feels even more miserable. What more to sadden them than to see other couples doing their lovey dovey stuffs while they're left with themselves and their sad game of DotA.

So overall, it does brings more negative than good; guys cracking brain AND wallet to please their girls, single guys feel miserable being alone on this day.

And yeah, what if the guy did not fulfill the expectation of his girl? Like maybe she wanted him to do this but he did that instead.... Disappointment? For both sides, guy failed, girl sad. Bleh....

So what say u? Abolish Valentine's day! Yay or nay!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ARGH!!! Another one coming tonight at 9 pm, again!! Shit la gotta read on definitions and stuffs. Crap i hate memorising stuffs...

Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm still yet to recover from this lazy-don't-wanna-study mood... But i have to! I've got test later at 9 pm, another one on wednesday and next monday!!

Crap shit...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


It’s kinda weird.

But it’s kinda special too.

So much so, it’s a new experience, and one which I’m gonna tressure for life.

Seeing that it’ll be another year of may and I unable to be together for Valentine’s, we went on a special outing today.

After lunch, she suggested we go to Botanical Garden. The time was almost 3 pm that time. Luckily enough, it wasn’t deadly hot. However the rain cloud looms. But what the heck, we just went nonetheless.

Since it’s such of an odd hour to walk the park, there’s only the 2 of us, plus a few grass cutters, a Chinese man fishing (thought it’s illegal though…) and dogs.

The wind blows just nice as well. It was cloudy, the breeze flows by brushing your stress off, just nice temperature, a perfect getaway I feel. The scenery is as nice as the first time I came. Oh la la.

Then it came, the drizzle. As we were walking back to the car, we thought it’d be nice to sit on a bench and enjoy the drizzle. And so we did…

And it’s nice too. Seriously. But of course I wouldn’t suggest to do it while it rains heavily. So there we were, sitting on a bench, with an umbrella (Haha), facing the lake and enjoy the light drizzle. It’s very, what shall I say, hypnotic, to see the rain drops breaking the surface of the lake. And of course, having May by my side just complements it all. Ahh….

On such short holiday, we only managed to glimpse each other for 3 days. It’s gonna be a long long time before we meet again. I see tough times are coming…

Happy Valentine’s darling. Love u so much.
And Happy CNY to all of u too.