Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's the time of the every 4 years or so again, when patriotic songs are played in the background of radio ad's, stories of how the gov had done so much for the people, of how it is vital to maintain the current harmony in the county which we're currently enjoying..

As usual, i always love poster wars. And election banners are of no exceptions to me =p
Well, there're some eye-catching ones, albeit 'weird', e.g. "XXS for all"
I was driving and there's no other alternative but for me to go O_o "biar betul!"

Until i saw this one, which i felt particularly offended (seriously). It says, "Untuk kesejahteraan anda, undilah XX" First thing that came to mind; if i don't vote, meaning i don't get kesejahateraan? Seems like if u're not voting for them, they'll be coming to your house and wreck havoc.

I for one, would really like to exercise my duty as a citizen of Bolehland to determine my beloved country's government. But i'd leave it till it i grad first, no point registering here and have to come all the way back to Skudai to vote ><
But honestly, i feel the so-called democracy system in Bolehland is somewhat distorted. Look at it, the ruling party has been in control of the gov for as long as Malaysia had been indepedent. Seems like the Opposition has little to almost negligible voice/impact. As the Thai puts it, our Boleh Election is somewhat dull. At least Thailand gov had been taken before by the opposition party.

One particularly interesting point by XXR. that should they be the gov, petrol price won't be hiked.

That's one interesting pro isn't it? But i do wonder if it's feasible for them to do so.. But then again, the figure from the party stated something, in which the current gov is unable to answer. Naturally, i wouldn't/couldn't quote tht dude, for the sake of my 'Kesejahteraan', because in the fear of if i misquote him, or as 'some people' put it, bloggers are just a nuisance. I wouldn't be doing anything to contribute to that statement....

I went thru a whole class of propaganda in the morning, of how US is essentially a reincarnation of the Devil himself, and how Israel, being US allies, are evil in the sense of unjust towards Iraq and Palestine. Pictures were shown, of how kids were shot, bodies scattered. Weird thing is, how we know who actually shoots them? She (lecturer) asserted that the US and Israel army did those evil acts.

Of cos, there's a burning desire deep inside to fire at her. Too bad, my grades are at stake, so i just let her be.

Voting out


Ken said...

Undilah untuk kesejahteraan anda!!!!!!