Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bloody basket...

I dunno how much i can hold up any longer. Sooner or later, it's gonna take its toll on me.

Debate had been such fun to me in the previous year. But now it's like a burden to me. Really, i think i'm lacking to inspiration to continue any longer. I just have no support. In just 2 months time, there've been countless time when i just wanna yell 'Screw it la!'

But of cos i can't.

The 2 prez before has done alot of work to bring up the club. I can't just let it die, again.

Man i hate this....


Ah Liau said...

y suddenly lost da motivation to take on?? but u shudnt hav da tot dat da club is a goner without u.. although its cruel.. but nature has its way to move along de.. mayb u can try to giv it up gua
(i'm evil.. dun blif me..)

ed.chisum said...

hey gar yao! you are the man! :D

I mean it la... don't give up yet. ;)

Samuel said...

2 options:

- give up.. you lose everything

- keep on going on and on... you might get something from it

ahfun said...

hey....you are a loh - man; and loh family never say die one mah! so, don't lah give up so easily eh.

go... go... go ... fuel injection!
peace from ahfun

Porcupine said...

You gotta keep fighting on yo!!!
The Debate Union is where all us bananas belong to!!!
All hail bananas!!!