Thursday, February 14, 2008

Come to think of it, it's too hyped up isn't it? I mean what's so special about it at all? 14th Feb? Just another day on the calendar. But this helluva genius decided "Hey! I'll make a day which will drive the girls crazy and the guys crazier!!"

So let's see, the boys are required to treat their girls with extra care, extra good, extra stuffs. And i wonder who's grand idea is it, that it seems to be requirement to provide roses, chocolates (O_o) and soft toys m(_ _)m and such.

It's like, dah lah we have to outdo our usual selves to please them women, and within such limited scopes!

And it's weird too. Think about it, if we guys are suppose to treat girls special on this special day, then other days not so special ady?

"But this special day more special ma!"

Er.... A more special day among the special ones deem the other not so special anymore rite?

Plus, it only serves to make the others who are single *ahem my roommate *cough* feels even more miserable. What more to sadden them than to see other couples doing their lovey dovey stuffs while they're left with themselves and their sad game of DotA.

So overall, it does brings more negative than good; guys cracking brain AND wallet to please their girls, single guys feel miserable being alone on this day.

And yeah, what if the guy did not fulfill the expectation of his girl? Like maybe she wanted him to do this but he did that instead.... Disappointment? For both sides, guy failed, girl sad. Bleh....

So what say u? Abolish Valentine's day! Yay or nay!


Samuel said...

No.. we shudn't abolish Valentine's Day..

We should change it to DotAlentine's Day instead...

haha :D

den at least it would be a much more special day for us guys.. lol

MyKy said...

to_sammy: Then it wouldn't be special to the girls anymore le. Not fair.

Samuel said...

well.. at least is fair for us guys for once..