Thursday, February 14, 2008

Haha. I wouldn't have even have the slightest idea about it if i didn't read about @ snozzberry's. I've got the link to the pic's, with no stars/blurry parts or anything at all. How i get the link is still something which amazes me, my dad suddenly called me and gave me. HAHA!! And i was told my mum spent like 3 hours looking thru all those pics O_o

I really pity those celeb's who's inside those pics. That's part of the risk of being a superstar i guess; one will have to watch his/her actions (yeah those were hawt...) so that it wouldn't ruin their reputations.

If they're all just ordinary people, of cos the pictures are gonna be uploaded, but minus all these hoo-haa's and tabloids. It's sad really, now that their reputation's gonna be ruined. Seems that Gillian was the one who stepped up to apologise.

Tht's weird rite, why should she apologise? It's her private life, specifically her sex life! Wtf it has to do with others? In fact Edi should apologise for letting his dick do the thinkings.

Moral of the story?
1. Don't ever take pic/video while u're doing the horizontal hokey-pokey
2. Even if u do, don't store it in your laptop/pc
3. If ever u still do no.1 and 2, remove those files before sending for reformat.


Porcupine said...

Well, private life or not, it has definitely ruined their lives edi...
Heard that Cecilia's getting separated too...
So I guess the best thing would be NOT to take pictures while you're doing it...
Why on earth these people got fetish to photograph their balls one la?????

Ah Liau said...

well.. they oredi using da btm part to do da thinking.. u cant expect much frm them rite..
anyway.. itz reli a surprise knowing all those familiar faces doing dis kind of thing in their private life..