Saturday, February 23, 2008

Backing unto track

I've gotta say thanks to u guys for your comments on the last post, yeap especially one so unexpectedly came from my aunt. When tht happens, u really gotta do it man (Yeap thanks for the fuel injection. Lol).

By hook or by crook, we're going to KLIUC next weekend for friendly tournament. Maybe have to rush and maybe won't get bus, but wth, worse come to worse we'll drive there. No problemo.

At least right now i've seen some commitment from the guys. Woohoo! Definitely a plus!

And one last note, i finally finished air brushing my Exia!! Woo hoo! It's really different, between non-AB and after AB, although i retain the color scheme for it.

Next mission: Revamp the whole colour system for my first MG, Gundam Wing. I've got a good mind to AB the wings silver this time....

Signing out