Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 o 8

Glad to see 2008 go?
Fukken-A!! Finally time to step down as president (WOOHOO!!!)

Did you change your hair in 2008?
it just, grows, then cut, then grow, then cut..

The best part of 2008?
I've made significant contribution to my club.
My CGPA is maintained at high level XD
I've got a Camry!!

The worst part of 2008?
May and I, well, got really rocky srsly..
I've got a Camry!! (stupid car in such a short time required so many repairs...)
Towards the year end, my heart got crushed lol

Any new crushes in 2008? who?
Nay, not really. My faculty is a sad place

Who will you never forget?
so many ppl la....

Who do you wish you didn't meet?
so many also.. lol. i usually will forget those whom i don't wanna meet

Did you have a boyfriend in 2008?
like a bajillion of them wtf...

Did you fall in love in 2008?
erm, nay.

Did you catch someone in lie in 2008?

Did you call them out?

Did you get caught in a lie? What was it?
forgot.. erm, there was one but no in 2 o 8 though

Funniest moment of 2008?
too many lol

Most embarrassing moment of 2008?
just as many too lol.

Did you take any vacations in 2008? where?
none :(

Any new hobbies of 2008?
eating punani being a loner

Did you get a new job in 2008?
nay.. part time got la

Did you lose a job in 2008?
no job how to lose job?

Did you host a party in 2008?
no also..

Where did most of your money go?
food, gf, gundam, car

What song will always remind you of 2008?
Stop and Stare..

What do wish you’d done more of?
study lol...

What do you wish you’d done less of?
thinking how it'd be if life's to be with her

Biggest Achievement in 2008?
organised debate club's first ever tournament

Biggest Failure of 2008?
got As in 2 subjects last sem but i know not a shit about that subject. wtf.... studied just to get A

In 2008, did you lie to miss a day of work/school?
nay, i'll honestly just skip class

Did you move in 2008?
to and fro uni and home

What was your greatest musical discovery?
i can fart in rhythms

What was the best book you read?
Prinsip Perhubungan and Electronic Systems.

What was your favourite movie of the year?
Agent 47!!

What did you want in 2008 and got?
I wan RX-78 ver 2.0 and i got it!!! (still belum habis assemble lol...)

What did you want in 2008 but didn't get?
sex sex and more sex 4.0 lol...

Did you make out in public in 2008?

What’s the ringer on your cellphone?
it's polyphonic even if i tell u wouldn't know

What kept you sane?
May (though she makes me insane some of the time), internet, debate (last year it drove me insane though), gundam!

Who did you miss?
I'm gonna miss those moments for sure, can't say it out here

Who was the best new person you met?
Them debate juniors :)

What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more exciting?
sex A new phone (and it's coming!!)

Your favourite commercial in 2008?
the uMobile punya, the Teh Tarik wan XD XD

Something you couldn't leave home without in 2008.

How did you spend New Year's 2008?
best of em all, attended World's at Bangkok, had much fun

Valentine’s Day 2008?
fukken shit la.... sat at home ALONE watching 'Hitched' and 'Bewitched'

Easter 2008?
don celebrate lol

Halloween 2008?
why do we even have fun during ghost festival? U don see kids running around during the hungry ghost festival do u?

Thanksgiving 2008?

Christmas 2008?

Your Birthday?
forgot lu..

Tell us a valuable life lesson that you learnt in 2008?
don't have a flower heart!!