Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year!!

Yay yay yay it's new year!! woohoo!! it's the time of the year again when u make a list of resolutions only to throw it one side then forget all about it XOXO

One shitty thing, there's no New Year holiday in Johor (yeah like wtf.....)

On the eve, i give no damn, call friends to go club (even though got curfew and the next day got class at 8am :X)

And it's fukken sad really, i asked alot of my friends in UTM, "Oi new year eve, wat plan?"

This is their reply (in fact almost everybody)
"No plan wor. Sleep in room lo"


Sigh, maybeo only UTM students like this kot.

There's this 4 other guys (who i hang out with, and kinda of a bad influence....) and I are the only few normal ones, at least we go around have fun too.
And holy crap, if u think asking ppl out are difficult, try asking girls to go to club!
Susah giler, harder than trying to answer an essay question for a subject which u didn't study at all


Somehow managed to get 3 girls to go along with the 5 of us. One of them is one of the guy's gf facepalm.jpg

(No photos sorry, for obvious reasons.... :w )

We opened 2 bottle, btu managed to finish only one. So 'park' the other one there, valid for 2 months (and we can bring 8 person in for free!!). I'm counting down till the next sessions lol

Bleh, the others got drunk damn fast
And no stamina to dance wan.
Leave me alone in the end. wtf.... :X :X

Ah... drank so much of forget-love water, but somehow it still aches inside T__T
I'm sure it'll get better now