Thursday, August 21, 2008


It's 21st of August.

10 days to our (erm....) 51st Independence Day.

Yet, the celebration mood is anything but cheery.
Let's see, what is the mood not around:

1. Petrol price hike. Price still stays despite global oil price has fallen
2. Altantuya case. Mysteriously gone silent when Najib was said to be involved
3. Anwar alleged sodomy case. How a 60 year old with back pain can overpower a 2o+ year old dude i have no idea.
4. UiTM-for-bumis-only issue. How can we be united when a particular race is so keen to maintain their superiority?

Sigh... I for one, is losing hope in Bab| Negara.
The country is said to be in political turmoil.
Come on ppl, see with your own eyes, who is doing a shittier job?

Signing out