Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bodo ah...

Firstly, my clan sudah kena ban :x
Buayakatsutki is no more in LYN, with quite a number of its active members kena perma ban.
Teh survivors shall rise from the ashes!!
Curse u newfags!!!

My siggy for Buayakatsuki:

Another bodo thing is this:

Pas demands to ban Avril's concert. Pls read from link for MOAR details.
I bet that those PAS ppl has never heard of this wonderful invention called 'Teh Internetz.'
Seems like they've been living inside a cave and under a rock.

Ini tak boleh itu tak boleh, so in the end i guess we'll just have Nasyid concerts and all those patriotic songs concert la.

Bodo sial