Sunday, August 10, 2008

Digi D'Campus

Call to Digi numbers and u're only charged for 1 buck per day??!! Dayem!
The only catch is u gotta call from within your campus. The Digi number to be called can be anywhere else.

Sounds good indeed.

But wtf man, my college/hostel is considered to be out of campus (or i think). WTF it's still within UTM! I tried calling a number, when i was in the UTM HEP, ok fine the DC charges apply.

I went back to my room try calling, it's normal rate!

godammit.... And the Digi service centre cannot be accessed.


Update: Apparently they'll refund the extra charges made. And i should be enjoying DC rates now. Will check 2moro :)


epool86 said...

Celcom UOX is better than Digi D'Campus.. you can refer to the following table

Comparisons Table

Anonymous said...

should just subscribe 2 both these plans, celcom 4 normal sms or calling functions; digi 4 data usage ;)