Monday, June 30, 2008

The Germans look as though they had a massive TFK session prior to the game; everyone seems lacking in energy and unwilling to run for ball, all except for Ballack who's been up and down the field.
I'm sure he'll be disappointed in his team, just like the Croatia game.

Spain didn't exactly play well either, although they're better than the Germs of cos.
Well at last they finally brush off the 'underachievers' tag they've been carrying for 44 years.

SPAIN, the new champions of EURO!.

Nay..... I give my utmost respect to RUSSIA. For them to beat Ho Lan, a convincing win as well, is totally unexpected. Kudos to Guus Hiddink!

Guess we'll have another road dedicated to him in Russia eh? Perhaps in Moscow ^^

Signing out