Thursday, June 19, 2008

More for Sbhboi!

focus on the front u mofos!!
Signing out :p


Samuel said...

forget about that zaku la... take that girl pic la :D

MyKy said...

U wan ke? it's in the kawaii thread ma

Ngee Khiong said...

Got lenlui sticker on the laptop as well?

Post more photos of your Zaku liaw~ XD

Evaritus Lau said...

Char's Zaku~~~
Long live Zeon~~~
Now i am gian for mono eyes kit liao~~!

MyKy said...

>>NK: ho ho right u are mate, that's a lenglui for sure. Tht's my gf ma :)

>>sbhboi: Yeah mate!! Mono eye loove!!

See lo when i get mood to do Dom :w