Friday, November 13, 2009

Today, I told my boyfriend how happy I was with him. He responded by pulling down his pants and slapping his ass. I have no idea what that was supposed to mean. FML

Today, while finishing up raking leaves, I decided it would be a fun idea to jump into them. After rolling around in the leaves for a bit, I smelled something funny. Turns out I was rolling around in dog shit. FML

BONUS for today: Teh Making of Teh Mastahpiss.

Idea from a forummer in LYN, boasting of his 'artwork.' Just tok kok only wan, no pictah. So mikimos44 is here to produce that mastahpiss!!

Squidward said:
Every avant garde artist needs a USP (unique selling point)

In my debut foray into the realm of fine arts, I will hereby present my signature work...........The Inconsequential Yellow Man
Pretext: This mindblowing picture is not drawn on canvas. It is not painted. There is no frame.

The work itself:
Two Horizontal lines right thru the middle. It is yellow. The lines look sad, it divides. An outline of a man at the edge of the horizon. He is yellow. It doesnt matter. A larger outline of a man, his arms folded in a domineering way. Dark shades colours the man. Yellow belt, yellow hat, and yellow shirt is drawn on him. His face is peppered with yellow pimples. He is smiling, but only just. He looked pleased with himself, and rightly so. In his pocket, a yellow watch. No stains on his shirt. Trees are drawn above the horizon.

The artist bows.

MyKy draws:

I'll be away this weekend and whole of next week for debate training and tourney. So, most prolly there won't be any FMLs, though i'll see if i got time and will try to update.
Been a long time coming, drawing these FML komiks have been fun. I hope u guys (if my blog have any readers) enjoice teh komiks and have lotsa LOLs. I know i had. Sometimes got NTBD (nothing better to do) i look back at my artworks and thinks where the heck i got the ideas on how to draw these stick figures. XD

Been an entertaining while, let's hope it'll continue.

ok tenkiu


kevlinefm said...

These are super classics FML!
I'm such a fan!
Kelvin here btw. XD

Evaritus Lau said...

I think I need read before see to pic right ? Felt no head no tail just now. ^^"

kua hanchun said...

hehe..the shit one is