Monday, November 2, 2009

Exam is ovah!

Ok no more excuse to skip liao :p

here it is for today

Dedicated to all DotA players
Am sure during one point or another u've experienced the above :p

Today, on campus, these really overly-happy people walking around with big signs saying "free hugs".
When I walked towards them, their smiles faded, and they put their signs down. FML

Anyway, drop a comment or two la. Walao i see nobody comment i dunno if i draw all these got actually ppl see/like or not wan. :(


Han Wei said...

i wanted to leave comment.. but dont knw what to say.. haha.. at least today got dota session.. that's why.. when u being GB.. dont run circle in the neutral.. LOL

Sinatra_Z said...


Welcome to the Internetssss

Porcupine said...

I is enjoiced!
More FML!!!
What happened to Dragonite /k/ shirt?

MyKy said...

>>Liau&Porky: Haha thanks for support!

>>sinatra: you go dai you BN saibatrupa!!