Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Quantum Leap

Being the oldfag now, it's time to pass on.

I've talked to the guys (some of them) over lunch.

I trust my judgement and evaluation. They are the one capable to lead the club in the future.
They just need to get over the mental block.

Funny thing is, despite me telling them that, the first thing they ask me is
"So u serious? But why u wanna quit?"

Hahaha XD
Geez... That's the only thing they hear ar?

Anyway, I've sent my message across to them. It's all up to them to whether to pick it up or not.

They still have the mentality of coming to debate club to enjoy.

Well tough luck. U can't just sit around and always be at the receiving end without giving any contribution to the club.

All being said and done, I honestly felt exhausted and just wants out.