Friday, October 23, 2009

Fucuk My Life

Starting something new, hope u guys (if my blog got readers) enjoice.

Today, I told my brother to piss off. He decided to do exactly that, from the balcony onto my lap. FML

Today, at lunch, a fly was buzzing around my food. I managed to kill the fly in my napkin in midair. I continued my lunch, pleased with my amazing ninja skills. When I was done with my lunch, I wiped my mouth with the napkin. I can still taste bug guts. Karma. FML

Today, I took a smoke break at work and I noticed a huge zit on my face. I used the reflection from a window to take care of the problem and then realized that there was a staff meeting taking place on the other side. FML

Stories taken from Teh Internutz.


buttercup said...

this is perhaps the best entry you've got here! and i'm kinda entertained by this! LMAO!

You should get the best entertainment blog award! lol!

zit and mirror. LMAO!

MyKy said...


I've drawn and posted alot of komiks in LYN ady. But those are in individual frames instead of verticals. Malas wanna upload one by one.

Look forward for more. Planning to do this daily :p

Evaritus Lau said...

My daily entertainment when stressed at work. Very nice story. =D

MyKy said...

>>eva: Haha ok will do my best to draw daily :p