Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ode de la Obe.

In political jokes we've made,
In the serious image you've portrayed,
In truth, deep inside you're just dismayed,
In your own opinion, others take it as a flame bait,

No point getting all riled up,
No point staying around to get heated up,
No point trying to get up,
No point, just give up.

Your presence, we have felt,
Your absence, is hard to be dealt,
Your decision, we shall adhere
In loving memory, of obefiend; the VERY serious blogger.



Obefiend Weiland said...

almost gay like

i think i got a boner liao!


avatar said...

i just got banned for 30 days lololololo for obe

MyKy said...

>>Obe: Pergh.... Oang lukis cantek2 hang gi kata gay! D:<

>>avatar: Dupe tiem?

Obefiend Weiland said...

ok la its awesome!

thanks man!

@avatar - an hero u are

Sinatra_Z said...

Manly moments of pure friendship that borders along the line of Brokeback.

But then again,
what isn't gay at Low Yat my friend.

Obe kena banned eh, permanent?

MyKy said...

>>sinatra: Buat penat je aku karang puisi ni.

dia dah balik as dupe dah :w