Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye 'Kanine' West

He went up to the stage, took the mic from Taylor Swift on her acceptance speech for best MV on MTV awards, said Beyonce's MV is the best.

I've always hated this idiotic nikka.

So let's make fun of him

Nikka think he geenious but can't rap for shit.
Wearing shades inside a dark hall doesn't make u a hit.
Nikka go get your own KFC
'fore i call mah personal army

Fu*k u Kanineh West


ButTeRcUp said...

ah! how can he bully my taylor!

Esther said...

kanineh west? omg. you're so creative. lmao

buttercup: your taylor?! ahahah

MyKy said...

>>b-cup: Yeah la how can!!?? eh wai.... YOUR taylor? :facepalm:

>>esther: Actually wan write kanneh west wan. but not sure if others would understand or not