Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ini gila mia blog

tl;dr summary. husband found out wife having affair. husband plan to kill wife in 30 days.

the latest post:

48 hours left...

Time has drawn near... Soon everything will be back to where it was. Everything is going smoothly as i planned, she didn't suspect anything. Just one more thing, I'm still thinking on how should i end it for them. What kind of weapon should i use..? should i just cut them to pieces, slit their throat? shot 'em maybe? but I've never use a gun before. Or maybe i should just drug both of them...
Usually Alicia will do the deciding for me. I'm always not good in making decisions. But one thing for sure, I'll make it slow and painful as possible for the cuts they've left in me.

Date of post: 23rd September.

2 days after means it'll be 25th September, which also means..... has passed....

Wonder if he really kill his wife or not. And if he did, will all of us who read/follow his blog be charged as accomplice?

Because on the internet, anyone can be a hero. In real life, u'll be a legend