Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do you know?

That fapping i.e. masturbation and gay sex increases your chance of getting H1N1?

so said Dr Palaniappan an ex-Profesor Madya Ekologi di Universiti Malaya.

link to his post in his blog: Prevention of H1N1 disease

TL;DR summary: Fap and Ghey sex increases heat due to friction, hence increased body acidity. Hence more susceptible to H1N1.
However (the best part lol): Normal Sexual intercourse IS OK

Like wtf? Ghey sex got friction, then normal sex no friction?

So okaaaaay.. In order to prevent myself from getting H1N1, i shud stop fapping and start having sex with women instead of wearing a mask on my nose+mouth?

Okay i'm totally cool with that, I'll just have to convince my other half of this fact.

God damn.... this would be like the awesomest reason to get laid!

'Babe, u know the H1N1 disease? it's getting near to our place. Let's have sex to prevent us from getting the disease'



Samuel said...

chop it off! chop it off!

Evaritus Lau said...

Oh nose ! This going to contribute mass sex party leh ! no fapping more intercourse for the sake of preventing H1N1...

LoLz !!

MyKy said...

>>Sam: Normal sex still ok la, chop it off for wat? dumbass

>>eva: ya man! i totally cool wit it though