Saturday, August 22, 2009

Face Problem

Face Problem. An insult phrase I've learnt from LYN Kopitiam.

It's so applicable in any situation, for any ppl, and will bring maximum annoyance (provided u use it correctly of cos).

So let's see wat are the possible situations to use this insult phrase:

Case 1.
A: WTF!! How come i kena summon but the next car tak kena?
B: Face problem.
A: @$#$^%$&^$&

Case 2.
A: Walan... u and i same method, how come i kena potong markah!?
B: Face problem.

Case 3.
A: I've been single forever....
B: Face problem.
A: /wrist

That's the best part u see, while the response can be totally unrelated to the statement made, but still it can bring about massive annoyance.
Your friend might be ranting on and on and complain, but the best part is, u can totally annoy the hell out of them by just saying 2 words;

But of cos, do this only with ppl u're close with, and they know u're joking. It'll end up in very very good laughs. XD

So go ahead and use it, don't be afraid!

Face problem


ButTeRcUp said...

You have got some FP dude. Hhahaha.

MyKy said...

So wat? I've got an awesomely gorgeous gf while u're sadly single.

now go fap in public