Saturday, April 25, 2009

So i was kinda stressed out from revising. So i went off for dinner, after which i decided to go for a joy ride.

Then i saw this modded MyVi behind me; with the headlights modded to be flashing/blinking type one.

Guess i was looking for fun too, so i just sped up a bit, can't too much cos got traffic. But it came to a traffic light, where we were side by side.
His window is tinted and can't see shit inside, while mine is just transparent as stock (my car's not modified, all stock)
But i knew he was looking at me, so i just smiled at him and mouthed "Let's go"

Traffic light turned green, i was zooming and zigzagging the traffic, that dude was just behind me.
I kinda owned him cos i'm driving Camry 2.2, much bigger than his puny Myvi. (was driving at 120~130 on small roads :/ )

Then traffic built up again, i zigzagged, and i swear to f**king God, i didn't see her.
She was crossing the road, and god be damned, i managed to slow down in time. Was too shocked to bother to honk her, but then i picked up speed and vroom again (that MyVi was approaching dammit)

But alas, it all comes to an end, cos traffic was too heavy. I looked in the rear view mirror, that dude took a turn and off to lalaland.

Oh well, it was fun really. Maybe cos it's illegal, but i think because of the thrill, knowing that i might screw up my future if i were to be involved in a road accident, or the cops suddenly turned up.

and no, pls use some brain, i was focusing in not letting that MyVi overtake me, so i got no time/hands to take picture.

I wanna do it again tomoro.