Sunday, April 26, 2009

So i was reading this month's CLEO, came to an article about 'When you are the other woman'

while it is rather an interesting read, this one totally blows me off.


How to STOP the affair:
If you are concerned that your man is about to have (or already in) and affair and you don't like the idea of sharing him with someone else, then you have to take action. Sarah J. Symonds, author of Having An Affair? A Handbook for The Other Woman (Hatherleigh Press), offers the following tips for keeping the Other Women at bay:

1. Make your man feel special (bleh)
2. Don't get bogged down in domestic routine (wat? bleh)
3. Listen to him, or he'll find someone else to listen to him (kinda true :/ )

here's the mostest bestest everest advice i've come across;

4. Have lots of sex!!


Ok, time to look for an affair nao.