Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Random Babblings

Today had Differential Equation paper. Finally, a paper that i felt confident i could get an A.

I dunno if i've posted on the paper on Instrumentation, but here's how it went..

I don't think i did particularly well. An A might be doubtful. It's not because of i did very bad in the paper. It's just that my carry mark wasn't really good; 38.8 of 50. Mind you an A in UTM is >85. So i've gotta get like >92.4 for that finals.

I don't think i can....

Worst of all is that, i've completed one question. Then on the remaining 15 minutes, they announced there's something wrong with the question. WTF! Nobody else gave a damn because they didn't choose that question in the first place (we were to choose 4 out of 5). But i did. So seems like me's the only one who fucked up.

Either they didn't do, or they just only gonna start that question when they make the announcement.


I've sent an e-mail to my lecturer regarding this though. She replied and noted. Hope i'll manage to get an A.

The last paper's n 2nd of May, next week. Pleeeeeeeenty of time left. Hah!

My mind's really messed up. Every single minute i'm thinking of may. I know it's normal but, even during the exams. Luckily didn't affect much.

I miss her..... I think the distance is actually strengthening my feelings for her. I just hope she'll feel the same way.

Love u may baby.

Sighing out.


ShinD said...

hoy! i'm home!! when do i get the chance to hang out wit u n may?? i got 2 months break. make sure dis time we really got to hang out. u all have to study TITAS as well? haha.
cya kinwai