Friday, July 31, 2009

Bring Your Difference

It's a competition i joined, hosted by BAT Malaysia (British American Tobacco).

Nah, it's not about 'How many ciggys can u smoke in 60 secs' XD

But rather it's about making a business case model. Which is something new.

I've met LOTS of awesome ppl there. Really awesome. I felt inspired by them!

Anyway, PICTAH TIEM!!!

BYD Workshop day

I was presenting my team's case.

Pics of BYD Day 1

My team members; Oliver (INTI), Li San (Taylor's) and me. Pei Leng (UM) went back earlier

OH la......

This cutie's name is Emery (INTI), from klang!

NAme's Shy, but she's very vocal!

The top 20's

BYD Day 2
The Selling area, in front of Giant

Kin Hoe and team

Oliver's team checking their stash

Lengluis, how can i miss the chance for pics!

Ms Su Zhen and I

Me ol' chap Melissa

I love Oliver Potato

The Board of Assessors auctioning products to be sold

Mel's Team

Ms Jennifer and I

It was one of the best experience i've had in life so far. I've met lots of awesome ppl there. Totally inspiring.

When they walked into the room, u can immediately feel their presence. The sheer aura of charisma and confidence seems to radiate from the very centre of their being.

They walked through the door, I looked at them, and i can only look at them in awe and uttered "Holy crap! She/He's AWESOME!"

The competition has 2 rewards:
1. Prize money:
1st prize: RM 12 000
2nd prize: RM 8000
3rd prize: RM 4000

Do be divided by 4, it's still a substantial amount of money!

2. Fast Pass to join BAT
The procedure to join BAT is quite long and challenging. So with this Fast Pass, one can jump the procedure straight to the final interview, and if successful will become a Management Trainee in BAT.

What's a Management Trainee? It's a programme in BAT that caters to train undergrads in certain department in BAT e.g. HR or Finance. Monthly salary of RM3500, upon finishing the programme of 2 years, after the first year salary will be increased by RM700. After that is RM1000 per year. Within 4 years afrer completion, the MT should be eligible to become a manager. Another 2 years from there, should be a Senior Manager.

So yeah, the perks are incredibly high!

But one of my biggest letdown, is that i fell sick on just one day prior to the competition. I had food allergy, which i didn't know i have!

Driving back to KL on tueday, with the sun glaring at me, i really felt like i'm dying. Halfway on the highway, i asked Kin Hoe to take over while i take refuge in the backseat.
Nevertheless, i was literally wasting away. My fever and cough was getting out of control and my head was swollen.

Fortunately, Kin Hoe sent me to a clinic near his house, which the doc told me it's allergy reaction and gave me medicines.

Long story short, i took med, and swelling went down. After sleep, fever and swelling+itching are all gone.

But still, i was feeling rather weak. During the competition, i know i didn't perform well. Not even close to my optimum level. However, i felt very happy and gifted to not only get to know such awesome ppl, but to work together with them as a team is just a priceless experience which i'll never forget.

Last night i couldn't sleep. In fact, i cried on the bed. Because i know for a fact i could've perform way better. But i was sick. I pressed logic onto myself that hey, it's just my luck. But the tears just came and i couldn't hold back. Like M Shinoda said, "10 percent luck." I just happened to have 0 of it that day.

Nonetheless, after that i felt better, and as though i'm passing through another phase in my life. I felt grown up and just feeling very light hearted. I haven't been sleeping since yesterday till now (11am) but i'm still feeling very active! :)

To the guys; Melissa, Meng Kuan and Kin Hoe. I'm really proud of u guys. We've gone way back and come this far. It's been my pleasure to be able to trot this path of life together with u guys.


mk tan said...

we r proud of u too, kin wai... if u warent sick, i am sure u can go into the top 20...

your ability and knowledge is not questionable... dont give up...

MyKy said...

Hehe thanks.. Nvm i still learnt alot nonetheless!

iSk budak baik said...

1stly: That girl Shy is cute...





keep growing (as a person, not sideways ya?)

these are the experiences that when you look back in years to come, you'll laugh at - reflecting on the silliness of your youth years.

oit, aku malas nak tulis speech panjang2. ganbatte always!!!

Once a hamsap, always a hamsap :)